Blockchain Healthcare

Blockchain Healthcare

Blockchain Healthcare – Is the 1# spot to learn about technology& healthcare plus get news on blockchain health records! Blockchain Healthcare is the future of medicine as companies utilize cryptocurrencies. Blochain Healthcare will protect healthcare data! Blockchain is a peer-to-peer system for doing all kinds of transactions, maintained in a distributed register. The essence is that advanced encryption techniques ensure that block transactions (whichever application) are verifiable correct and cannot be changed afterwards. With blockchain, responsibility, trust and transparency can be built into technology. Concepts that are considered to be extremely important in health care. In this article we explain the application to healthcare and give some examples.

Blockchain healthcare Future When Blockchain is cited as a revolution technology known as “Blockchain Healthcare“, that hype is mainly fueled by the promise that medical information can be stored safer more robust and cheaper. The central idea is that patients and caregivers can access data stored in a reliable way, and that the patient can see who has had access to that data.Today, health care is still being used on a large scale with expensive and vulnerable central databases. The patient's check on the accuracy of these data is often not present, data is stored in different places and systems do not communicate with each other. Blockchain Healthcare technology could offer a solution here.Possible applications of Blockchain Healthcare Today there are rumors of many possible applications of Blockchain Healthcare, from Blockchain genomics to healthcoins. But the most realistic and useful application today is the development of electronic records on Blockchain.

Blockchain Healthcare - Today your medical file is still in silos with your GP, hospital group or specialist, without being able to view a file from each other. This of course complicates the integrated care path and the administration of accurate care. Imagine that your medical record can be made available without encryption on the blockchain, so that you can give permission to your treating medical staff anywhere in the world to view your health record.

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